There’s so much more to doors than simply being a gateway to your home. Some people like their entrances to make a statement about who they are, they want to create a great first impression, whilst others seek a combination of practicality and good looks.

Whatever your tastes, if you’re looking for a new entrance door, there are lots of options to choose from, all of which come with the latest security and weather protection features as standard.

So what else can you expect from your new door and how on earth can you make the right choice?

Consider first of all what you like and don’t like from your existing door.

  • Does it let enough light in? Is there enough glass?
  • Does the material it’s made from suit the house and has it weathered well?
  • Can you see who is calling when the doorbell goes before you open the door?
  • Is it letting in a draught?
  • Can you open it easily when you’re carrying bags of shopping?
  • And what does it look like – does it enhance the look of your home or are you disappointed with its appearance?
  • What about your letterbox – is it draughty, or too tight?
  • Is the handle at the right height and does it look nice?

So many questions, requiring so many answers! However if you take yourself through this process, ask yourself lots of questions like these, you’ll have a good idea of the type of door you’d like to see in your home next.

If you have sidelights surrounding your entrance door, why not take the opportunity to change these too? Replace old glass with modern double glazed pieces for added heat retention.

What about back doors?

Back doors connect the inside of your home to the outside, and can have a big influence on how much you use your outside space.

Have you considered French windows opening out onto a patio area for easy access to the garden in the summer? It’s a great way to create more space for your home, giving the kids easy access to an outdoor play area. You can also enjoy improved, free-flowing movement from the kitchen to the garden, excellent for a family barbecue or party.

All French windows are double glazed for energy efficiency, and look elegant on the rear of both traditional and modern houses. 

At Kingfisher, we love the increasingly popular bi-fold doors, which look great, allow more natural light and air into your home and are easy to fit and keep clean. Made from either PVCu or aluminium, they are robust and come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Bi-fold doors are double glazed and designed to retain the heat in the winter and reflect the sun in the summer. They glide smoothly in their rails so are easy to open and close despite their size. They add a whole new dimension to your home. In fact we reckon you’ll be the envy of your neighbours if you opt to have them installed!

Just for fun, we’ve come across this door recently which we love. It reminds us a little of Alice in Wonderland! Designed by James Lucas of furniture design company Slam, it’s a whole new take on door design.

 Alice in Wonderland door