Who doesn't love plants? They come in all shapes and sizes, add colour, sweet scents, personality and a touch of nature to your home. They make it feel cared for, loved and nurtured.

Plus it’s well documented that house plants improve air quality, filtering out volatile organic compounds contained in regular cleaning products, air fresheners, paints, perfumes and deodorants, and replacing them with oxygen.

And did you know that they also release Phytochemicals, helping to suppress mould spores and air borne bacteria?

Most plants grown indoors are native to tropical or sub-tropical countries where conditions are considerably and consistently warmer than here in the UK. That’s what makes them ideal plants for inside our homes. Be aware though that, whilst most plants can tolerate a drop in temperature of say 15°C, anything more than that could cause your plants to suffer distress.

Look out for leaves changing colour or curling at the edges, they are early signs that conditions aren’t ideal.

That said, a warm, light airy conservatory provides the perfect growing conditions for many plants. Just a little tlc and plenty of water; that’s all that is required to maintain a collection of lush, healthy, green plants.

Why not choose a mix of evergreen ornamental shrubs such as the stately Yucca, a bamboo or tropical palm? And add a touch of colour with an elegant orchid, or go for full on stunning blooms with a hibiscus, African violet or jasmine plant?

And remember too that the conservatory is the perfect place for growing seasonal bulbs. Hyacinth will fill your room with sweet scents, and dwarf daffodils will reward you with early blooms at the beginning of spring.

If you are short of time, choose a selection of cacti for low maintenance, and supplement with a fern or two to add decorative, unfurling fronds, creating a constantly changing backdrop to your room.

Try supplementing your house plants with a range of hanging baskets filled with trailing plants such as ivy and fuchsia, to add interest at a higher level.

The choice is in fact huge, and we all have our favourites. So go on, spoil yourself and surround your space with a selection of plants that please you most. And don’t forget to choose nice containers too – to complement your furnishings and add the perfect finishing touch.