Your own front door, it's the keeper of secrets of what lies within your family home.

And it can make a statement about you, who do you thing lives in a house like this for example?

And whilst it's there to keep people and pets inside and out, and keep your house warm and secure, we know that when you're looking to buy a replacement, it just has to be right.

First of all, it must adhere to the latest legislation regarding Building Regulations, particularly if you are looking to alter the size or position of your doorway. A new opening will certainly require planning permission.

There are other regulations regarding fire safety, use of safety glazing, heat loss and ventilation. Most standard entrance doors comply with these regulations but if you are planning to use non-standard materials or move the position of your opening, it's important to adhere to strict regulations which can be found online.

Security is of course an important issue. If your door looks solid, shows no signs of weakness and is well fitted, it is less likely to attract the attentions of an opportunistic burglar. Ensure your door has at least 3 hinges and is fitted with locks that meet the requirements of your insurance provider.

Remember too that your front door may well be the only means of escape in the event of a fire, and should be in good working order, well maintained, and fire proof.

Aside from these practical considerations, you are of course free to choose a design, style and colour of your choice. Would you like more light in your home for example? In which case look for a door with a larger glazed area. And for extra privacy, you can choose from different styles of privacy glass or stained glass for a more traditional finish.

Colours range from traditional woods like oak and rosewood, to solid colours from an extensive pallet. 

PVCu doors are the most practical option and come in many stylish full and half panel designs, with or without sidelights. And for the ultimate in security, composite doors provide added strength and resilience.

Plus of course, you can make your choice from a selection of door knobs, letterboxes and locks, to enhance the overall look and feel of your entrance.

If you want to talk about doors, have any questions or you're contemplating changing your doorway in in a more radical way, please feel free to talk to us, we'd be happy to share your thoughts and offer our guidance.