Conservatories are cosy places to relax in during the evening. And as the light fades and your garden changes colour with the setting of the sun, why not extend your enjoyment by adding some attractive lighting to illuminate features in your garden, and extend your view?

Trees look splendid when lit up during the Autumn. Take inspiration from colourful arboretum displays and choose warm or brighter colours to light up the changing leaves.

Illuminate pathways to pick a trail through your garden, we love this idea of using plant pots as candle-holders; they're low cost and very effective.



Why not add a traditional lamp post for a focal point? This lamp post is purposely positioned to light up the trees in the Autumn.


Solar lights are of course easy to install and cost nothing to run. Position them around the edge of a pond, so they reflect off the water, and watch the insects flock there at night.

Do you have a favourite plant or bush? Shine a small spike light light upwards through it so you can enjoy it all night long as well as during the day.

Create a magical corner in your garden with twinkly Christmas lights wrapped around a tree trunk. Add lanterns to hang from branches, use different colour bulbs, even those that change colour, to add extra interest. How about adding economical LED step lights to light up the way for added safety?

One last tip if you have a walled garden – try wall mounted down or up-lighters to add stunning shafts of light for a striking visual effect.

When you’ve added the lighting of your choice, sit back in your conservatory, pour yourself a glass or cup of your favourite drink, and take in the wonderful view that you have created. And you never know, you may just be rewarded with a glimpse of a passing hedgehog, or other nocturnal wildlife!

We promise you won’t be disappointed!