When choosing windows, a lot of attention is given to which style and frame best suits your home. But there are other decisions to be made too – what style of glass would you like?

As well as plain glass, there is a choice of styles should you wish to add a feature to your windows.

Lead work on both sides of the outer pain of double glazed units adds a traditional look, as does coloured leaded glass.

If you are looking for to add a unique, elegant design, you can opt for bevelled glass, creating your own design from a selection of glass pieces in different shapes, bonded to toughened glass to create an artistic pattern.

Etched windows offer additional privacy for cloakrooms, doors, fanlights and sidelights, whilst still effectively letting in the light.

Do you live near a main road or are troubled with noise pollution? Acoustic glass is designed to reduce noise, and can insulate against the impact of rain noise. It is manufactured to reflect noise back towards the source, and to absorb the noise within the pane.

If safety is paramount, choose laminated glass, which will not shatter on impact. The glass has an interlayer that acts as an adhesive, holding the glass together whilst absorbing the energy of the impact.

You may have heard of self-cleaning glass and wonder how it works. The glass is covered with a dual-action coating, which breaks down organic deposits during daylight, which are then washed away when it rains. Self-cleaning glass is a popular option for conservatory roofs, and for hard to reach windows that are difficult to clean. Of course you can have them anywhere you wish in your own home, if you’d prefer not to have to clean your windows!

And if you really don’t like cleaning windows, you don’t have to opt for plain glass, you can still have or Georgian inserts inside the glass for an attractive added feature that doesn’t add to the maintenance.

Finally, if your home suffers from excessive glare, or there is one room in the house that you’d like to keep a shade darker, it’s worth considering anti-glare glass, ideal for the home office and the living room, it reduces the impact of excessive light on computer and TV screens.