A conservatory is a unique room in your home, unlike any other. It’s bright, airy, has lots of windows, and a tranquil, relaxing ambience.

It’s the perfect setting for rest and relaxation. So how do you imagine it will be furnished?

Here’s some food for thought:

Rustic chairs and sofas help bring nature’s qualities into your room. Rattan is a favourite, looks stylish and contemporary, and doesn’t fade or wilt in the sun. Choose neutral colours for the cushions for a natural look. Match it with a coffee table and smaller side tables, preferably lightweight and on wheels so that you can move them around easily and take them out onto the patio.

Continue the natural look with a chest side table with baskets, for convenient storage and top with decorative houseplants for a homely feel. Wooden trunks make a real feature and add extra storage for magazines and patio accessories.

If you like entertaining, you could add bench seating along one or two sides of your conservatory, it creates extra seating space for social gatherings whilst leaving a spacious area to stand, and serve food and drinks.

On trend right now are copper accessories. We’ve seen some lovely copper pendant lights in vintage and contemporary shapes, very chic!

Add side lamps too for more ambient lighting, and a natural, flat weave rug for added warmth on a tile or slate floor. Flat weave rugs complement rattan furniture perfectly, and are easy to keep clean, despite heavy foot traffic from the garden; just shake it and vacuum regularly.

Have you considered what blinds would work well in your room? Do you want total privacy or would you like to see the garden at night? Venetian blinds are very versatile and can be adjusted easily to let in as little or as much light as you’d like.

There are blinds to prevent heat loss, blinds that reduce glare without totally shielding your room from the sun, and you can even choose remote controlled blinds for easy operation.

There’s no doubt that conservatories feel homely and relaxing when you add a few finishing touches, including house plants, soft furnishings and accessories. It’s your space, and it changes with the seasons perhaps more than any other room in your home. Enjoy making it your own, and don’t be afraid to change its layout, look and feel, along with the seasons. That’s the beauty of living in a room that’s so close to nature.