Are you buzzing with ideas about how to spruce your home up now that Spring is here?

We’ve some incredible ideas for you to whet your appetite…

Let’s start by looking at your home from the outside in – how are your windows and doors – are they looking tired, weathered and in need of more than a simple clean?

Maybe it’s time to replace worn and ageing doors and windows with the latest in smart, thermally efficient replacements. It’s a great opportunity to choose matching doors and window frames, and be a little more inventive with your choice of glass.

There are so many options to play with, from white aluminium window frames to wood effect or real wood.

You may be thinking that real wood isn’t really an option any more; it doesn’t wear well over time, and is prone to warping. However, to avoid any such problems, we use high performance laminated or engineered timber. It’s incredibly strong and free from knots.

If you’d prefer wood effect instead, you have a range of colours to match your choice of diamond lead or stained glass.

Think of your windows and doors as more than just functional items. Upgrading them with new designs can transform the whole outer appearance of your home, enhance its value and look simply fantastic.

Older homes can still retain a traditional feel, with modern, draught proof sash windows housing a choice of glazing designs, you can update your look but not lose the old style. Have you thought about replacing square or rectangular windows with a feature arch window?


Modern homes have choices too – why not opt for tilt and turn windows or vertical sliding alternatives? They are a popular contemporary choice right now.

Then marry up your choice of windows, frames and glass with a feature front door. You’ll benefit from the latest developments in entrance doors including new security features, heat retaining materials, a vast selection of colours and finishes, and door furnishings that you can choose to personalise your door exactly to your tastes.

With summer around the corner, and as the weather starts to warm up, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to spending more time in your garden. It’s worth considering throwing open your home to nature with some stunning bi-fold doors. They let in the light and fresh air, are easy to operate and perfect for creating a large, sociable space in the summer. Bi-fold doors transform your living space, giving easy access to the garden where the children can play yet stay within easy reach.

It’s time to have fun, be creative and explore your options. Your home deserves some tlc once in a while, and with wonderful new windows and doors, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood!