When you’re the proud owner of a conservatory, you’ll want to be able to use it all year round, day and night. So there are some practical considerations to give you all the freedom you need to use it whenever and however you like.

Without screening from blinds or shades, your conservatory will inevitably become almost too hot to bear and need protection from direct sunlight. Plus your plants, furniture and soft furnishings will need protection too.

Let’s start with the roof

If possible, it’s best to combine luxury with practicality and opt for motorised blinds, certainly for the roof. New innovations means that they are reliable and easy to use, so you can select just how much of your windows you’d like covered, according to the weather and your tastes.

Pleated roof blinds

Pleated roof blinds have solar reflective backing to reflect the sun in the summer and retain the heat in the winter.

Tent shades or tailored?

Fill each panel of your roof with a single fabric shade, either tightly fitted to sit flush with the roof panes, or opt for the tent shade, draped like a sail for a softer appearance.


Shutters provide the most effective protection from heat in the summer, and withstand extreme temperatures very well. They offer added insulation in the winter too. They combine elegance with practicality, being low maintenance and easy to clean, plus they’ll give you added privacy and security.

And the windows?

There’s never been such a varied choice of window dressings for your conservatory. Here is a selection of the best for you to consider:

Venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds look as good today as ever. They add a classic style and can be adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you’d like and to provide total privacy if preferred.

Wooden blinds

If your conservatory is made with wood effect frames, or you have traditional wooden furniture, you may prefer to choose wooden venetian blinds to complement your style.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are the type that drop down from the top in panels so can hang in a way to offer as much or as little light in as you choose. They’re made from a range of fabrics and come in a vast range of colours, offering flexibility so you can style your conservatory with matching blinds and soft furnishings.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds allow discreet views from the inside of your conservatory to the outside, yet provide an element of privacy from anyone looking in. They have alternate opaque and transparent panels to give a limited yet clear view.

Roller blinds

You’re probably familiar with roller blinds, that simply descend via a small pulley to drop as far down and offer as much coverage as you would like. You can choose fabric to match your soft furnishings, and have roller blinds made to measure, or select from a vast choice of manufactured blinds. If choosing your own fabric, it’s worth checking its sunscreen qualities, and whether the fabric is likely to fade in the sun.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are becoming increasingly popular in the home, adding stylish clean lines to decorate windows. They come in a variety of colours and shades and modern fabrics are now machine washable for easy maintenance.

Fly screens

If your conservatory attracts flies and other insects in the summer, try fixing mesh fly screens either internally or externally to keep the pests at bay. They come in a range of fixings and can be rolled, lifted in and out or fixed on hinges. What’s great is that you can continue to enjoy the fresh air in the summer with windows and doors open until well after dark.


Fortunately now, most blinds are made from machine washable fabrics. When choosing your blinds do check laundry instructions with the manufacturer to be certain. Wooden and venetian blinds can be removed easily and washed down with warm soapy water.

Before you install your blinds

Unless your conservatory is brand new, we recommend giving it a thorough clean before you install your blinds. There are valet services available offering a professional cleaning service if you’d prefer to ensure the overall result is one that you will be happy with for many years to come.

It’s the finishing touches that make your conservatory feel special and part of your home. Enjoy making your choices, it’s fun and the final result will be worth it.