Visions of old fashioned sash windows, rattling in their frames with billowing curtains belong not in modern homes but old black and white movies! Perhaps you’re still suffering from terrible draughts and windows that stick rather than slide. Don’t worry, simply discover the new world of modern, yet traditionally styled vertical sliding sash windows.

Use of modern technology, fresh designs and PVCu materials has enhanced the look and functionality so they are now far better by design.

Modern sash window

New sash windows are double glazed, will fit well, glide smoothly up and down and have superior features such as decorative sash horns and deep bottom rails to help retain their elegance and traditional style. They’re also designed to match architectural styles and to meet planning requirements.

So whether you’re looking to replace old style sash windows, upgrade the look of your home, be it traditional or modern, you’ll benefit from low maintenance, hardwearing and easy to clean replacements.

We know that you’ll just love the tilt function, allowing you ready access to both inside and out for easy cleaning. You won’t need ladders and you can clean everything from inside your home. Modern balancing mechanisms ensure a long lasting and easy open-close function, so don’t worry about using force, there’s no need.

Sash windows offer as little or as much ventilation as you would like too, without impinging on outdoor space, and they are less easy for intruders to breach when compared to open-out casement windows.

PVCu materials are weather resistant, won’t warp, they don’t need painting, and they’ll retain their colour and shape for many years so you can look forward to draught proof, energy efficient windows with a touch of style.

Choose from a selection of handles to personalise your windows and modern locks for added security.

With so many benefits to enjoy from these stylish, modern alternatives to original sash windows, we’re not at all surprised by their popularity. Take a closer look, we think you’ll be impressed too!