If you’re thinking of moving to achieve more space in your home, hold that thought for a moment! Have you thought about adding a conservatory to give you an extra room downstairs?

Conservatories are incredibly versatile. They can be used for a multitude of purposes – home office, laundry room, second sitting room, kids playroom etc. You can work, rest and play in your new space.

A popular choice is to use a conservatory as a dining room, a place to relax and dine whilst enjoying a view of the garden, and guests are bound to enjoy the different dining experience when they’re invited to dinner! A conservatory has a different feel to the rest of your home; it’s light, airy and has a unique relaxing ambience, perfect for entertaining.

Adding a conservatory can impact the rest of your downstairs living area, changing the flow from room to room. It opens up the possibility of using your existing rooms for other purposes. Move the dining room into your conservatory for example, and you could expand your kitchen. Or move your home office into a corner of your conservatory and you could turn your old study into a music room.

With a little thought and good planning, you can transform your existing home for a lot less money than the cost of moving house.

Plus conservatories really come into their own at this time of year. They’re perfect for parties, especially kids garden parties, providing an under cover room should it rain, or a place to eat, whilst keeping the children away from the rest of your home.

They can run in and out without you worrying about the carpets and provide easy access to the garden so they have plenty of space to run around and make a noise.

Would you like to be more active? We love the idea of using your new space as a gym. You could retrieve the exercise bike from the garage and set it up so it is ready to use every day. You can keep fit whilst being close to nature, and throw open the doors to keep cool.

It’s worth thinking about the position of the sun as it travels around your home during the course of the day. Sun glare on a home office computer might not be welcome if your conservatory site is south facing, but a warm room for relaxing and growing plants would be ideal.

Adding a conservatory is a positive lifestyle choice, so before you consider moving house, let’s explore all of the wonderful possibilities for transforming your home first.

We’d be happy to talk to you about the possibilities, and can get creative about how best to use your space throughout your home.

Plus a new conservatory will add value to your home too, which is always a bonus.