There’s still time to make the most of the last throes of summer and embrace the outdoors while we still have light nights and lovely weather. Throw open your doors, windows and conservatories and spread your wings in the beauty of your own garden.

We’ve seen some lovely ideas this summer for creating stunning outdoor rooms, for entertaining, relaxation and sheer pleasure and we’d love to share them with you. Be prepared to be inspired, to be bold and most of all to be you!

Banish the banal!

Let’s start with working with what you have already – how about decorating your garden shed, garage or boundary walls and fences with lovely hanging baskets, wall mounted solar lights or lanterns and even fairy lights. They create a warm glow in the early evenings, perfect for parties or creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Add wall mounted basket planters too to add interest at different levels and cover large expanses of wall.

Try wrapping your fairy lights around an arrangement of slim twig stems in a vase to create a focal point of interest. Candles in decorative jars offer a warm soft glow, can be easily moved around the garden and even add aromatic scents to fill your senses.

This time of year you can add soft furnishings to outdoor furniture, including cushions, throws, beanbags and even rugs to cover your patio. And why not erect a sail from corner to corner to offer shade from the sun and a cosy area after dark?

Do you like music? Wind charms hung from pergolas, tree branches or even washing lines can add enchanting background tunes as you while away the hours.

Placing a few planters around the garden filled with large, textured foliage such as ferns, ornamental grasses and hostas can make a very quick impact on the look and feel of your garden room. Use them as room dividers, to create intimate areas for seating, to provide privacy and visual interest.

What hangs from your walls inside your house can be mounted onto pergolas, gazebos and trellis outside. They create the perfect framework for adding mirrors, pictures and even shelves for potted plants, vases and books or magazines.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative in your own outdoor space. The possibilities are endless, and we haven’t even mentioned adding flowers! A few little touches can make a big difference, but it needn’t stop there. And if you’d like easier access to your garden, why not talk to us about the beauty of new bi-fold doors or French windows, they make the transition from home to garden an absolute pleasure!