You may think that spring and summer are the best time of year to fit new windows, but not so. If your windows are showing wear and tear, are letting in draughts and worse still rattling in the wind, there’s no time like the present to make a change, to secure your home from the elements before the winter.

There’s no need to worry about exposing your property as the weather starts to change. We are used to working in all weathers throughout the year, and will protect your property while work is in progress to ensure minimum disruption and to limit heat from escaping your home.

New windows must meet certain standards in Building Regulations to reduce energy loss so saving you money in the long run. They help retain ambient heat inside your home, and offer more flexible options for ventilation. If you still have single glazed windows and upgrade to double glazing, you’ll soon feel the difference, and notice the reduction in your energy bills.

Do you need new windows?

If you’re windows are failing in any way, they’re warped, draughty, difficult to open and close or you’re suffering from condensation, it’s time for new windows. If you’re still painting window frames or suffering from peeling paint and rotten wood, you’ll benefit from new low maintenance PVCu frames that look good for a long time and require very little maintenance. And if you’re cold in the winter, even when the heating is on, it’s probably failing windows that are at fault.

New windows provide the opportunity to consider how you would like them to open – what access do you need? Are you suffering from restricted ventilation, or perhaps too much ventilation or are worried that some open windows are too easy for burglars to gain entry. If you have kids, you may prefer to ensure windows cannot open too far, for extra safety and peace of mind.

The options you have are many and varied, from sash windows that can open from the bottom up or top down, to traditional casement windows that open outwards and small fan windows for easy ventilation. Maybe you’d prefer to install a door instead of a window to gain access to the garden, garage or yard? Of course it’s important that your chosen window style is in keeping with your home. It’s worth chatting all your options through with a windows consultant so you can make the best decision for you and your home.


A tip to gain extra light

As the nights start to draw in and sunlight fades into darker winter days, have you thought about adding a sun tunnel or skylight to the roof of your home? They feed natural daylight from your roof into the upstairs of your home creating a brighter space. We recommend having them installed to funnel light to the area around the stairs for extra safety. You can last longer before switching on lights so they save energy too.

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