Your front door has no doubt seen a lot of action over the years, comings and goings, postmen, family visitors, deliveries and yourself of course. Then there are the kids with their school bags, toys, bikes and scooters. So if it’s looking a little worn and faded, it’s not that surprising.

A brand new door will enhance your entrance, create a focal point for visitors and create a whole new look and feel for your home.

For most, the front door needs to combine good looks and durability with added security features. A standard door may only offer limited resistance to would-be intruders so we recommend opting for a security door which comes with a layer of steel on the inside for added strength.

We also recommend adding extra locks, so that a single key cannot open the door, and if you’re really concerned about security, there are some attractive sliding bolts and door opening limiters now for extra peace of mind. Talk to us for more details on the latest security features and how to ensure they meet the specification set out in your insurance policy.

A good looking door makes a grand entrance

So, let’s turn to the appearance – a new door is a great way to revamp the exterior of your home, and to move with the times. Right now we’re loving the muted colour tones of grey with white, duck egg blue and sage green for a contemporary feel. We’ve also seen some bolder reds and blues which look particularly effective against white walls, as does black of course.

Traditional properties look great with professionally painted gloss front doors, especially in black. Darker hallways benefit from doors with large glass panels which can be frosted or bevelled to allow in the light yet maintain privacy.

If you have stained glass windows within the door or to the side and above, match your door with a colour from the glass to bring the two nicely together.

For a more natural look, slatted timber doors are becoming increasingly popular, they remind us of the seaside but don’t look out of place in any town or country setting. Match them with wood effect laminate flooring in your hall for a free flowing entrance that’s practical too, especially if you have pets and children.

If your home suffers from exposure to the elements, it’s good to know that modern materials are entirely weather-proof and doors and their surrounds are designed for a snug fit to eliminate draughts. PVCu and composite doors in particular are tough, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Remember you can visit our brand new showroom in Wells or come and see us at Mill Batch Farm in East Brent to view some sample doors and pictures of recent installations to help you choose. You’ll be most welcome.