On Saturday 30th August 2014, Kingfisher had an Open Day to celebrate another successful year and the refurbishment of our depot.....

Please see our gallery of pictures hich highlight just a few moments of our excellent day.  Thank you to all that attended.


Kingfisher's Open Days are always a little special, and August 30th at Mill Batch Farm was very special indeed.

The weather played its part. A gentle breeze, but plenty of late Summer sun to encourage a steady steam of visitors. A good number arrived early to meet James Heappey, the Conservative candidate for the Wells constituency. James is a passionate supporter of 'all things Somerset' and spoke eloquently of the viral role small businesses play in boosting the local and national economy.

Like everyone else who attended, James liked the cakes. Tray after tray appeared, as if on a conveyor belt and the words of Oscar Wilde came to mind.....i can resist everything but temptation.

So, to be honest, no one tried. Instead they relaxed in Kingfisher's garden, in their conservatories and in their newly refurbished showroom. Designed by Local interior designer Liz Lavender, the showroom reflects the approach that sets Kingfisher apart from its competitors. As a long established customer put it 'Kingfisher people are always helpful. They are knowledgable, polite and never, ever pushy'.

So, in that relaxed atmosphere of a sunny afternoon, what was there to see and enjoy (apart from the cakes)?

The Kingfisher range of windows and conservatories was much admired but the real 'start of the show' was the new tiled conservatory roof, on full display for the first time. 'I knew that there was interest out there', was director Peter Hicks view, 'but didn't realise just how much. I was blown away by everyone's enthusiam and we're already building a good order book'.

Md Angie Hicks sported a permanent smile, as did her proud father, John Fisher, who founded the company 28 years ago. Since then the firm has grown and flourished, while still retaining the family vales on which it was esablished. 'My father instilled in us the importance of treating customers as friends', says Angie, 'he hated cheap gimmicks and knew that people would always see through offers that were too good to be true. We have maintained that philosophy and firmly believe that it is the reason why we have so many happy customers..or maybe it's the cakes!'