This has been a time like no other, and, for businesses like ours, Covid-19 has really set us back on our heels, but at the same time it has made us appreciate even more just how important our team and our customers have been and will be to us.
Our ‘back to work’ procedure will be undertaken with care and in stages, but from the off, we're determined to provide an uncompromised service to our customers.
  • As of 18 May our fitters have been back working hard on our istallations.
  • As of Monday (15 June) our showroom will reopen by appointment only. 
Since Kingfisher's early days, a huge amount of our success has been atributable to referrals and recommendations. That is why we feel a great sense of loyalty to our customers and will do our utmost to meet requirements as a matter of priority.
When you invite us into your home for your installation or remedial visit, we will ensure the visit is made as safe as possible.
To limit the potential spread of Covid-19, we are asking you:
  • To let us know if anyone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, or is self-isolating, so we can rearrange your visit for a later date.
  • To practice safe social distancing by remaining 2m away from our team at all times. Where you can, it's safest to be in another room.
  • Not to offer us any drinks or food at this time. As much as we love your cake, we will be bringing our own supplies and will eat them in our van!
  • To tell our fitters where the work is to be carried out and leave all internal doors open to limit the touching of handles. Our fitters will be carrying hand sanitiser, wipes and gloves, and will wipe down any surfaces they touch whilst carrying out their work.
  • To accept your paperwork via email. If this is not possible, our fitters will let you know where your paperwork has been left.
  • To pay for all works by electronic methods. Our fitters will not be able to accept cash at this time, so we will be taking payments over the phone or online, with our details listed on your invoice.
We are taking the Covid-19 outbreak incredibly seriously, so our team will be:
  • Increasing handwashing whilst at our premises.
  • Working in the same team, of up to two members, in the same vehicle which will be cleaned daily.
  • Keeping to their own tools, and not sharing unless absolutely necessary. Tools will be cleaned throroughly after each use.
If you'd like to arrange an appointment to visit our showroom, get in touch with us!
  • You can call us on 01278 760616
  • You can email

We can't wait to see you in our showroom soon!

Stay safe, and stay well.