If the winter storms have caused damage or revealed weaknesses in your windows, maybe now is the time to renew. New windows can be much more than just necessary replacements; they can transform your home, giving it a whole new look and feel while improving security and insulating your home from noise pollution and harsh weather.

Choose a new style

Have you thought of replacing your existing windows with something a little different? This is an exciting opportunity to create a special style for your home, adding value to it too. You could replace traditional casement style windows with a bay to bring more space into your rooms, or choose sash windows for a more traditional look.

Take a look at some of our recent work, for ideas of which styles would suit your home, either by replacing the glass only or if you prefer, selecting new window frames for an entirely new look.

Windows options

Casement windows that open on side hinges like a door are the most popular choice for many homeowners. They are practical and excellent for keeping out draughts. But increasingly, people are choosing alternative designs, such as tilt and turn windows which can be tilted inwards for gentle ventilation, and are easy to clean.

Slider windows are becoming increasingly popular, once a feature of 1950’s and ‘60’s properties, they are enjoying a comeback, offering a contemporary feel to a property whilst giving practical ventilation when required.

Sash windows and cottage style windows are perfect for Victorian and country style homes where contemporary alternatives would not be in keeping with the architectural features of your home. Whilst they retain their traditional features, they also perform much better than the original designs, using energy efficient technology to retain heat, and offer optimum insulation.

What’s new in windows?

Chances are that it’s been some time since you last bought windows, after all, they’re not an every day purchase! For the majority of people, energy efficient windows are important.

Double glazing offers added protection from the elements but for extra insulation, look for low emissivity (Low-E) glass. This has an added invisible coating of metal oxide on one of the internal panes reducing the level of heat that escapes. For more information on energy saving windows, visit the website of the Energy Saving Trust.

Are you in a conservation area?

If your property is in a conservation area or is Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed, you may be required to maintain the visual character of the building. Unsympathetic replacement windows can affect the overall value of the property, may contravene regulations and alter the overall characteristics of your neighbourhood. Conversely, if you choose to reinstate correctly specified windows to your property, it will restore authentic characteristics that add value and enhance your property’s appearance.

For additional heat and noise insulation, you can opt for secondary glazing. It adds the benefits of double glazing without affecting the look or appearance of your existing windows. Installed on the inside of the window, they help to reduce energy bills without compromising on the external features of your property.

There are indeed many options to consider when choosing your windows. The good news is that you can expect to achieve improved energy efficiency and more easily controlled ventilation whilst enhancing your home with a stunning new look. For help and guidance, feel free to talk to our thoroughly professional and knowledgeable team here at Kingfisher, we’d be pleased to assist.